Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200 D Digital SLR Camera Review


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Canon EOS Rebel T5  1200 D Digital SLR Camera Review

Canon has a long tradition of producing some of the best entry-level SLR cameras on the market, combining ease of use and multifunctionality, which made them a hit for those taking the first steps in the world of digital SLRs.

However, recently, entry-level Canon SLR cameras have faced increased competition. This situation is associated, firstly, with an increase in both the quantity and quality of amateur SLR cameras offered by other manufacturers, and secondly, with an increase in the number of compact system cameras offering the user almost the same set of functions, with more compact dimensions cameras.

In general, Canon cameras, thanks to constant innovation, are confidently holding their positions in the top ranking of entry-level DSLRs, and the Canon EOS Rebel T5 seems to be no exception. So, let’s figure out its specific features.

We will show you one of the best models in our Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200 D Digital SLR Camera Review.

Specifications Of The Canon EOS Rebel T5

  • Image Format: C22.3mm x 14.9mm approximately
  • Megapixels: 18.00 approximately
  • Viewfinder coverage: 95% horizontal and vertical
  • Aspect radio: 3:2
  • AF points: 9
  • Self timer: 10-sec. or 2-sec. delay
  • Working Temperature Range: 32-104°F/0-40°C
  • Weight: 1534 ounces approximately (only body)

EOS Rebel T5 Features

  • Digital, AF/AE single-lens reflex camera with built-in flash
  • Auto white balance with the image sensor
  • Soft-touch electromagnetic Shutter release


  • Beginner camera with many advance features
  • Light weigh
  • Long battery life
  • Good price.
  • Easy to use


  • The drawbacks are consequence of the price


As was the case with previous entry-level Canon models, and, as you might expect, the camera design is designed for those who are just starting to get acquainted with digital SLR cameras. The T5 is very minimalist in terms of the controls that can be found on its case.

Here you will not find special buttons to control autofocus modes or ISO settings. Instead, they are accessible through a D-pad camera. In addition, next to the D-pad, there is a large button for accessing the “Quick Menu”.

In Canon EOS Rebel T5, the “Quick Menu” access button is very useful, because it, with one touch, gives access to the most frequently used functions and settings, which can be located deep in the camera menu. Thus, the “Quick Menu” makes it easy for beginners to use the camera, simplifying access to the basic functions and settings without the need for a long and in-depth search in the main menu.

Speaking about the quality of the assembly, first of all, it should be mentioned that the camera is made of carbon fiber based on a polycarbonate-reinforced case. Taking the camera in your hands, you immediately feel that the body material is plastic.

Despite the plastic case, the camera feels very durable, solid and confidently lies in the hand, while the polycarbonate case provides low weight.

The weight of the Rebel T5 with the battery and memory card installed is 480 grams, which is 100 grams lighter than the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T5i and even 15 grams lighter than its predecessor, the EOS Rebel T3. This weight reduction has become available thanks to a small reduction in the size of the camera, although in reality the EOS Rebel T5 is very similar to its predecessor.

As might be supposed, with such minor changes in the design of the case, the camera handles remained the same, so that they, like the predecessor, provide a convenient and reliable grip.

Video-Unboxing The Canon T5 Camera


The model is equipped with an 18-megapixel CMOS-matrix with the ability to record HD-video with a resolution of 1080p, as well as updated EOS software. But is this enough to maintain a leading position in the segment of entry-level SLR cameras?

The predecessor of the model Canon EOS Rebel T5 was and remains one of the most popular entry-level SLR cameras, however, it certainly had weaknesses that with this model have been be improved.

One of them was an LCD display with very modest characteristics: a diagonal of 2.7 inches, a resolution of 230 thousand dots per inch.

Canon solved this problem by equipping the camera with a new 3-inch LCD with a resolution of 460 thousand dots per inch. Unfortunately, the LCD is neither touch-sensitive nor rotary, but it’s worth recognizing that this is the norm for SLR cameras of this price segment.

Optics Of The T5 from Canon

One of the main advantages that is why you should start familiarizing yourself with digital SLR cameras with Canon is the quality of the whale lens that comes with the camera. The EOS Rebel T5 comes complete with a new 18-55mm f / 3.5-f / 5.6 lens equipped with the latest image stabilization system.

Moreover, the whale lens is only the first plus, since the main advantage is the huge number of Canon lenses available to you: from new ones at a reasonable price – to high-quality and inexpensive ones.

Camera enhancements

Another point due to which the Canon EOS Rebel T5 looks more perfect compared to its predecessor is the improvement of the camera matrix. As mentioned above, the model is equipped with a new 18-megapixel matrix, based on a 12.2-megapixel counter Rebel T3.

Although Canon engineers increased the number of megapixels, the physical size of the matrix has not changed, in addition, the EOS Rebel T5 is equipped with the same DIGIC 4 GPU.

In the model under consideration, the processor produces a rate of fire of about 3 frames per second, with a continuous series duration of about 69 frames when shooting in JPEG. When shooting in RAW, the burst length is reduced to only 6 frames.

By the way, if we talk about shooting in RAW, then T5, as you might expect, offers the user full support for this format. To process RAW files, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 comes with a proprietary utility: Digital Photo Professional, in which most of the necessary editing tools are available.

Video Tutorial-How to use the T5 1200 D

Canon 1200 D Battery Life

The area in which the T5 has not undergone improvements compared to its predecessor is the duration of operation on a single battery charge.

While the Rebel T3 managed to make almost 700 frames on a single charge of the battery, the Rebel T5 can only capture about 500. Although this is enough for ordinary shooting, such a significant loss of battery power cannot but upset.

Video and image Performance

Video recording is another area where the T5 has gained significant performance gains. The camera is capable of shooting video with a resolution of 1080p at a speed of 30, 25 or 24 frames per second, while it is possible to take full-size photos while recording video.

Buyers Opinion

Buyer 1

The T5 is considered a beginner DSLR but truly the camera is packed with features and if you are not a pro, you will be more than happy with it. They also have the ability to take video that is a big plus.

The weigh at 0.94 lbs. is very nice and the battery life is great when you are going to travel.

Definitely recommended.

Buyer 2

A really solid camera. I like to take pictures of textures like wood, logs etc. The images that the camera grabs are crispy and the iso is great. The night pictures are not so good but it is fair to say that the quality correspond to the price of the camera.

Even thought is not the best for night shots, when speaking about cloudy and daylight shots the T5 gets the job done.

Buyer 3

Nevertheless it’s an old camera; the product is good enough for outdoor photography, events, and even action shots. It is the perfect camera for a beginner to take professional quality photos.

It is not easy to get this price for this amount of features.

Buyer 4

I got tired of taking blurry cell phone pictures. So I bought the Canon T5, and the pictures come out so clear that you feel like you are still there.

The settings are simple enough, and it took only a couple of hours to get familiarized with them.

The only drawback is the lack of a mic jack. Anyways, as far as pictures shooting, you won’t find anything better for this price.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200 D Manual

Manual Link



How is the audio quality?


The audio is fine! I use it for my own channel in YouTube, but you have to be aware that external mic does not work with this camera.


Is it possible to load the photos to the phone or iPad?


You have to use the camera selections to set it up and then you must use a memory card and a WiFi connection in order to do it. If you go to a photo store they maybe can help you to set it up.


What does the kit include?


It comes with camera body, body cap, lens, rear and front lens cap, battery pack LP-E10, battery charger LC-E10, wide strap, software and Interface Cable.

Final Thoughts Of The Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200 D Digital SLR Camera Review

the potential buyers to know all the important information about this camera.We honestly hop e that we have helped to make an informed decision when buying your new camera.

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