Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera Review

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera Review

Digital cameras have evolved enormously these days, and if you remember just a decade ago, to have high tech cameras like you can have right now it was like a sweet dream. Nevertheless, there is no free ride in this life, and if you want to get one of these great sophisticated toys, you will have to pay a considerable amount of cash.

This is the main reason why we decided to recommend the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera Review, which in our opinion have several features that the more high tech cameras have, but at the same time is easier to handle, and is a budget friendly camera price.

Specifications Of The Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

  • Pixels (effective): 20.2 
  • Megapixels: 21.1  approximately
  • Digital zoom: 4.0x
  • Optical zoom: 5x
  • Self timer: Off / 2 sec. / 10 sec. / Custom
  • LCD Pixels: 922.000 dots approximately
  • Flash range: 1.6-13.0 ft. (W), 3.3-6.6 ft. (T)
    50.0cm – 4.0m (W), 1.0-2.0m (T)

PowerShot SX620 HS Features

  • Intelligent IS analyzes camera movement
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Technology guarantee easy connection 
  • 20.2 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor
  • Smart AUTO feature


  • Easy to carry
  • Great optical zoom
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • Efficient video capability
  • Good features for this price range


  • No dedicated viewfinder
  • Limited action shot performance
  • No articulated screen


Even though the Canon SX620 HS doesn’t come with a premium lens, we thing that the new optics that this model displays are adequate for a camera in this price range, and also .much brighter than preceding releases. Beyond that if you think about that this product maximum aperture starts from f/3.2 at wide angle and falls to f/6.6 at the photo position,  you will see that the feature performs much better than the  earlier model.

The camera also shows the Intelligent IS image stabilization system from Canon, which  works as a helping feature to makes the shots more steady when shooting  longer focal distances, avoiding the excessive blur from the movements of the camera.

However, there’s nothing the stabilization can do to freeze subject motion, and so at the dim telephoto end of the range you’ll have to rely on raising sensitivity (at the expense of increased noise levels) if you want sharply-rendered subjects in less-than-optimal lighting. The alternative is that you can back the zoom off q little, and live with a less tightly-framed image but a brighter aperture.

The layout is quite comparable to that of the Canon SX610. But the front grip in the new model promotes a steadier grasp by getting a wider surface.

The mode switch is now totally surrounded by a textured pad that facilitates the grip on the rear area.

If you dig deeply, you will see that the similarities between the Canon SX620 and the SX610 are more abundant .

For example both have exactly the same imaging pipeline, the pairing is 20.2-megapixel,  and both cameras have 1/2.3-inch CMOS image sensor with a DIGIC 4+ image processor.

Definitely this is a camera that shows the great quality of the products made by Canon, but with an emphasis in simplicity, easy handling and economic price.

The Canon SX620 HS is a product that we highly recommend for people that are looking for a premium camera, but at a reasonable price.


Again, the design of the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS look alike the previous model, the SX610 HS, with an upgraded zoom which is somewhat faster when talking about maximum apertures at both ends of the range.

The camera is slightly smaller and also 9 grams lighter than the SX610 HS which makes it much easy to handle and carry it when you go out. The front finger edge, and the rear thumb support area are a little more notorious than its predecessor which helps to feel confident when managing the body of the camera. 

This Canon model has a LCD screen that comes with 922,000-dots which makes the precision of the color shades, very accurate, and also the viewing angles, premium quality

To be a small size camera the performance when shooting in an extremely bright environment is remarkably good, in contrary with the most of the compact cameras that struggle to take quality photos in those conditions.

The bad news is for the sensitive screens addicted photographers, which will be frustrated for the lack of their favorite kind of screen.

Zoom Of The PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera


These days digital cameras without connectivity are unthinkable, and the PowerShot SX620 will not disappoint when talking about smart technology, and on the contrary, using the wireless built-in WiFi and Bluetooth features you will be able to share your images on social media instantaneously through Canon image gateway that is specially designed to make possible the upload and sharing of images. This capability also allows you to choose the people that you want to share with and add comments to the desired images.

Beyond that the Canon Camera Connect app that is available without charge, helps you to edit and upload images using the remote control hands free functionality. Needless to say is that connectivity features of the PowerShot SX620 HS and Canon Camera Connect app are compatible with all of the latest iOS and Android smartphones releases.


To measure the performance of the Canon SX620 HS we can observe that the camera has a 20.0MP 1/2.3″ sized BSI-CMOS sensor and features a DIGIC 4+ processor. Also have the ability to shoot at maximum resolution of 5184 x 3888 pixels with aspect ratios of 1:1, 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9.

The ISO range goes from 80 to 3200 but it is fair to say that the SX620 HS lack of RAW file support, so if this kind of support is indispensable for you, you should consider other cameras like for example the PowerShoot SX730.

Even though this product is not the highest resolution Small Sensor camera, the item performs well for a camera in this price range.

If you want to assess the physical characteristics of the SX620 HS from Canon, we can tell you that its weight is between the average of the weight that most of the compact cameras present, and its thickness is also average at 28 mm.

Camera Modes

Most of the times when persons are looking for a new camera, the first thing that they ask is about the modes that are available in the different models.

In that sense this camera shows several useful modes. For starters the free application give you access to the remote shooting mode in which you can manage the optical zoom, timer, shutter and the settings of the flash using a tablet or a smartphone.

The ability to shot videos is also present with a number of special features that we will detail in the next paragraphs.

  • Smart Auto: Optimizes any shooting mode directly.
  • Hybrid Auto: Works similarly to the smart but also combines still images into a video presentation.
  • Portrait: Utilizing the zoom in wide angle settings focuses particularly on a specific subject.
  • Smart Shutter: After detect a subject, it analyze it, and then shot the images in a timely manner.
  • High Speed Burst: when the shutter is kept pressed the functionality shoots quick still images.
  • Creative Shot: Uses settings to create different images versions for each shot.
  • Handheld Night Scene: Improve low light environments images using optimized sensor capability, and intelligent IS.
  • Low Light: Sets the CMOS sensor dynamically for several low light settings.
  • Movie:  A single sound channel is used to create premium quality videos.

Buyers Opinion

Normally the buyers of Canon products are really loyal and the most of the times have positive opinion about their cameras. In this case the SX620 HS is not the exception, and many of the clients say that the easy to use feature, and its compact size are the most remarkable characteristics of the camera.

This product is recognized because its balance between its technical capacity, and the great maneuverability that gives to its users.

The camera can be carried easily and at the same time provides a series of features for the more ambitious photographers that want make their photos stand out from the pack.

Also some buyers seems surprised that this level of quality product can be acquired with a reasonable amount of money, making it a very good value product.

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Manual

Link to Manual

Final thoughts of the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera Review

Reviewing the SX620 HS was not difficult, because is such an intelligently designed product that have an array of features that without to be complicated to use give to the user features that correspond to a much more sophisticated camera. Also the Canon PowerShot SX620 HS price is affordable for most of the photography aficionados. Off course these kinds of compact cameras are intended to be used for amateurs photographers, but surprisingly this camera shows several characteristics that we see often in only professional items. We think this camera is an excellent example of the great capacity of Canon to release new improved products.