GoPro HERO4 Silver Built-in Touch Display For Easy Camera Control Review

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GoPro HERO4 Silver Built-in Touch Display For Easy Camera Control Review


Specifications Of The GoPro HERO4

  • 30 frames per second
  • Frame rate 720p120 
  • Weight: 5.1 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.5 in.

GoPro HERO4 Features

  • Built-in touch display
  • Time Lapse mode


GoPro Hero4 (silver) Verdict

Even thought, the strong edge of the camera is the video capability, the photo side of the product is also of very good level. The camera is really simple to handle and when the owner get use to its controls and downloadable APP, he won’t have any problem to handle all the features that the camera come with.

One of the features that positively surprise the nobs is the ability that the product presents to take pictures and videos at the same time.

On the flip side the capacity of the battery could be much better, and is advisable that the SD card should be 32 GB or more, and if possible of decent quality.

The small size is for many people the main reason why they purchase it, that combined with the many features that display and the high quality manufacturing, makes the GoPro HERO4 Silver a great value for the money.


  • There is a Free Remote Phone App available to use with the camera.
  • Waterproof case included.
  • Efficient anti-shake feature.
  • LCD Touchscreen


  • Expensive battery charger.
  • No SD card included.

Finally a GoPro, which is equipped with a display from the factory. Now you can see what you are filming
and photographing like a digital camera. Moreover, the new model has received exciting features that may
interest photographers in particular. We thoroughly tested the new GoPro Hero4 Silver and are pleased to
present you our results.
Processing and operation
The processing of the GoPro Hero4 Silver is flawless. Everything looks high-quality, stable and solid, as you
would expect from GoPro. That may be expected however with a model for  this price also. The weight with
battery is 82 grams.
In the closed housing without mounting bracket, it brings 147 grams on the scales. The case dimensions
have changed only slightly in comparison to the top model of the predecessor series – the GoPro Hero3 +
Black Edition. Both cameras are therefore compatible with the same housings.
Undoubtedly one of the most significant innovations is the integrated touch display. The small screen has a
diagonal of 1.8 inches. The picture gives a bright and sufficiently sharp impression. Details can, therefore, be
judged accordingly well on the display. Delays in fast movements are visible but do not disturb the good
overall impression.
The camera reacts very precisely to touch commands. A multi-touch function for zooming into a recording is
unfortunately not possible.
Nevertheless, the operation of the camera is speedy from the hand – the settings can be made quickly and
comfortably after a short settling phase. The much more expensive GoPro Hero4 Black does not offer this
comfort but can be retrofitted with an optional display for about 100 euros.

GoPro Hero4 Silver-Picture gallery

There are several gestures available for the operation. For example, the camera modes are opened with a link
wipe. System settings must be swiped from bottom to top.
This is very convenient. In addition, GoPro now includes the side WLAN button in the operating concept of
the camera. For example, it can be used when entering the Video Options menu.
The camera is next to the final flap, two more. The standard flap allows dives of up to 40 meters, according
to the manufacturer. If the touch flap is mounted, the touch screen can be operated, and still protects the case
from water penetration at depths of up to three meters.
The so-called Skeleton flap is open at the back and intended for recordings with better audio quality and
reduced wind noise. From a good sound quality, despite the open back is not the question.
On the side are the microSD card slot, the mini HDMI and the mini USB port. The connections are protected
by a small removable cover. At the bottom is the battery compartment.
The GoPro Hero4 Silver has three keys. Above is the trigger or Enter button. At the front of the device, the
on / off button/mode button is placed. The already mentioned WLAN / Options button can be found on the

Videos: What About The GoPro  HERO4 ?




The camera provides a total of nine different resolution modes for video recording. From a
maximum of Ultra HD alias 4K (3.840 x 2.160) to minimal WVGA (848 x 480). During the recording,
highlights can be set by pressing a button, which can then be found immediately with the free software
GoPro Studio“.
The optional field of view is divided according to the manufacturer in ultra-wide, medium and narrow. The
maximum number of frames per second the camera can afford is in the HD resolution (720p). 120 frames per
second are possible – a very interesting value for slow-motion playback.
With Full HD, there are at least 60 frames per second. Video recordings in Ultra HD (4K) proved to be due
to the highly jerky motion representation, due to the low frame rate, as not practicable. This feature should
be interesting for those who want to take single high-resolution images from the recordings.
However, if you want to use this feature profitably for a video to use, has to pick or choose the much more
expensive GoPro Hero4 Black. Liquid images were possible in our test only up to a resolution of 2.7K (2704
x 1536) at 30 frames per second.
The special low light mode could convince us as with the GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition not completely. The
picture noise makes distracting attention at night shots. For an action camera with such small sensor
recordings are quite useful.
All in all, the video recordings have convinced us as they did on the GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition.
Significant differences in video quality we could not pin down in the comparison of the two models.

Photos Taken With The HERO4 Silver



Photo fans are happy. The product has gotten some great features, which can otherwise only be
found in digital camera models for ambitious amateur photographers. So you can take night shots with the
device. Up to 30 seconds you can expose your shots. Example shots for different lighting conditions can be
found in our picture gallery.
The photo resolution is twelve megapixels. Daylight shots are sharp and quite detailed. In low light
conditions, picture noise cannot be overlooked. For an Actioncam, the recordings can be seen beyond doubt.
The maximum continuous shutter speed is 30 frames per second at full resolution.
However, the period between two shots can be extended to up to three seconds – a useful option, as we find,
because the higher variation in the series also offers a higher probability of a successful recording.
We really liked the time lapse mode / time-lapse mode. This can still be set to a special night mode in which
automatically longer exposure times are selected.
GoPro Hero4 Silver sample shots

Video Protune Feature Of The GoPro Hero4 Setup




You can activate the so-called protune function for your videos. According to GoPro, you can achieve higher
quality and dynamic of the source material with the postprocessing. Protune creates images with less
compression and uses more neutral colors. The GoPro feature is designed especially for professional users
who want to have a more individual influence on their video material.
But also for photos can be used Protune. Once activated, you can actively influence the white balance, color
balance, ISO limit, focus, and exposure compensation. For ambitious photographers certainly some
interesting options.
The GoPro has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be remotely controlled either via a remote control
for about 100 euros or via the GoPro app for iOS and Android via smartphone or tablet PC. The app
provides live preview and playback of saved videos and photos. The connection to the Samsung Galaxy S3
went perfectly and was self-explanatory.
The quality of the connection was stable in the test and stable over several tens of meters. However, with a
delay of just under a second, you have to live. We also liked that information like the remaining battery
capacity on the smartphone were displayed. The settings of the app are very diverse. This allows detailed
settings to be made for each camera mode. Even the remaining SD card volume was displayed.
Battery life
Unfortunately, the first glance at the data left a bit of wonder. Touch display, but a battery with less capacity
than its predecessor. The fact that the GoPro Hero4 Silver would not break any accords was soon clear.
Another pity: the batteries from the previous series are not compatible with those of the current model.
The battery is now replaced at the bottom of the device and is slightly narrower. Anyone planning longer
photo or video sessions should always have spare batteries with them. A separate charger is also
recommended, as this is not included and batteries can only be charged in the camera.
With a video resolution of 2.7K, you can expect only battery life between 60 and 90 minutes. This is at best
an average result. Here, the use of display plays an important role. A power-saving setting should be selected
for the display brightness and the automatic idle state.

GoProHERO4 Manual Download