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Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera Review

Our Canon PowerShot SX730 Digital Camera Review is intended to help those looking for a new camera and not interested in mirrorless or DSLR models . Now they can opt for the Canon’s latest compact camera. The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS is the latest model to come with a 20.3MP CMOS sensor.

The SX730 HS has 40x optical zoom and the camera is powered by Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor. The device is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen, supports 1080p Full HD video recording at 60 fps, geotagging, and also supports WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. What distinguishes this model from the competition is its fantastic super zoom, but there are also some new functions.

Specifications Of The Canon PowerShot SX730

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi™, and NFC 
  • Megapixels: Approx. 21.1
  • Flash Range: 1.6 – 13.1 ft. (W), 6.6 – 6.6 ft. (T) 50.0cm – 4.0m (W), 2.0m – 2.0m (T)
  • Supported Storage: SD / SDHC / SDXC and UHS-I Memory Cards
  • Iso Range:  ISO 80-1600
  • Video Out:  HDMI (Type D),
  • Audio Out: Stereo

PowerShot SX730 Features

  • Light pocket camera
  • 40x Optical Zoom
  • Selfie mode capability


  • Quality of construction and design.
  • Quick and effective handling.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • 40X Zoom.
  • Image quality with good zoom.


  • No viewfinder.
  • No touch screen.
  • Basic video mode.
  • No 4K / UHD video.
  • No panoramic mode.


Super zoom cameras are slightly larger than an average compact camera due to the lens that has a large zoom range. This device is ideal for traveling because it is designed for all purposes. You can take highly zoomed images of distant objects thanks to the high magnification ratio. The focal length of this lens is 24-960 mm with a zoom range of 40x. This lens is suitable for photographing landscapes, a group of people or panoramas at the minimum focal length; this powerful zoom is great for taking pictures of objects that can hardly be seen with the naked eye or of wildlife without disturbing it. The sensor has a resolution of 21 Mpixel and the screen on the back has a diagonal of 3 “.

The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS is a compact traveler with a very large zoom that succeeds the SX720 HS model, but it does not revolutionize the sector and is essentially distinguished by the arrival of its adjustable screen and Bluetooth. The rest is unchanged: you will find the same sensor BSI CMOS 1 / 2.3 “of 20.3 Mpx, the zoom 40x equivalent 24-960 mm f / 3.3-6.9, Wi-Fi, NFC, as well as a classic 60p Full HD video mode.

Since the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS, many developments have marked different generations of named brand, including the arrival of a new sensor more defined on the SX710 HS and a new design, but especially the new optical zoom on the PowerShot SX720 HS. The SX730 HS is less ambitious, especially with the Panasonic Lumix TZ90 and the Sony HX90 / HX90V sold at the same price with an electronic viewfinder, a manual lens ring and 4K video for the Lumix.

 Video-PowerShot SX 730 HS Unboxing


The design of the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS has been slightly changed. The device is thicker than its predecessor: it gained 4.2 mm in thickness, because of the arrival of a 90 rotating screen. The latter retains the very definition of 922,000 points, and we still regret the absence of touch, to navigate the menus at our fingertips.

Despite the model being too large to easily slip into the pocket, the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS enjoys excellent manufacturing quality. As usual, Canon fails to incorporate a panoramic mode. However, we will find the framing wizard, useful for using the all powerful zoom. Finally, the focal point (which we claim for each new model) is yet useful to adjust the objective in different stages.

We would also have liked to see new menus appear on this model (as on the Canon 800D ) – an evolution all the more judicious that the PowerShot SX730 HS has intended for a wider audience. This would have helped to distinguish a little more from his predecessor while facilitating its handling.

The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS has a standard mini-USB plug that allows for charging the device. Wi-Fi is always in place to quickly transfer files to your smartphone or tablet, and there is also Bluetooth.


The responsive performance of the SX730 HS is respectable and very similar to that of its predecessor. The model will need a few seconds of ignition and the time required for this operation is satisfactory for a compact to deploy a powerful zoom. Autofocus is responsive at wide angle and in low light. The latency between the two images remains the main weak point of the camera, far behind the Sony HX90 which requires less than 0.35 seconds between each view.

In burst mode, the camera reaches up to 6.8 fps on about fifteen images. It’s a good score.

Video Tutorial-How To Transfer Images With a PowerShot

Canon PowerShot SX730 Digital Camera Image Quality

The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS takes the same sensor as its predecessor, namely a backlit CMOS with a definition of 20 Mpx, and still the same Digic 6 processor. Altough those are quit ok, we would love to see the arrival of the latest generation Digic 7 processor, present on most latest Canon cameras, to distinguish the camera from its predecessor. It also takes the 40x zoom, equivalent to a 24-960mm f / 3.3-6.9. The ISO sensitivity range, which is unchanged, ranges from 80 to 3200 ISO. In short, on these points, everything is identical as in the previous model, and no significant change is made.

As usual on this type of housing, the tingling appears from 400 ISO, then progressively smoothing that makes the details completely disappear at 1600 ISO.


Question: Is it possible to attach an external microphone to the camera?

Answer: Even though the camera has no external microphone port, the mic that comes with the camera is much more powerful that the microphones that other regular cameras have, even the more sophisticated ones.

Question: Can you charge the battery without removing it from the camera?

Answer: You have to remove it; the only way to use it continuously is getting an extra battery.

Question: Does the PowerShot SX730 come with auto focus when shooting?

Answer: Yes it is in its features, and the image stabilization is top notch. When walking and shooting the video at the same time, looks like it is mounted on a moving pedestal.

Question: Does the camera include a battery charger, battery and strap?

Answer: Normally all the canon cameras come with battery, charger & wrist strap and it would be really exceptional if they don’t come with them.

Video Shooting With The PowerShot SX730 HS

Unlike the Lumix TZ80, the Canon PowerShot SX730 HS video mode still doesn’t incorporate the 4K / UHD video definition. Fortunately, the frame rate in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 px) finally goes from 30 to 60p. It is still not possible to set a few settings (ISO sensitivity, aperture, or white balance, for example) before or during movie shooting. The recording is fortunately available regardless of the mode, but it is very classic. We are in the presence of a video mode without ambition, which has its content produced with the bare minimum.

Buyers Opinion

Buyer 1:

I bought it because I thought that would be more reliable that the phone when need for a fast and sudden photo opportunities. The thing that I can say is that the SX730 performed great. The setup to shoot the photo was only a couple of seconds, and the switch to selfie was really useful. Also the video mode was very good. To me the Bluetooth ability to send the photos to my phone is a necessity, because I like to backup them using the phone to store them in Google Photos. I have took many pictures and the 128gb sd card still have place to keep many more.

Buyer 2:

I loved the camera, but normally I do many rounds of photos, so just in case I bought a spare battery, which came in handy for the one day I actually voided it. It was also nice for interchange them. The lens is so good that I almost never needed to use the zoom, and low-ligh performance is right. I recommend to buy a lens cleaner brush to avoid the risk of damaging the lens when cleanse it.

I give a 5 stars rating without a doubt.

Buyer 3:

The main reason why I bought this camera was its size. I took it with me on my last trip to and it did a awesome job. I am happy with it because it really shot great photos. The camera is small but in my opinion is not pocket-size. The Bluetooth and WiFi options work very well for transfers of quality images from the camera directly to the phone. Battery life is great, but it is a good idea to have one more to use in case of emergency. The screen has a handy feature for taking selfies, specially for people who don’t like to hand their cameras to strangers to take a photo of them in their journey. Definitely, the camera was a great buy.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera Manual

Manual link

Final Thoughts of The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Digital Camera Review

The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS is a classic compact, certainly powerful, but lacks ambition compared to its predecessors and the competition. Apart from the wide screen and Bluetooth, nothing has changed. Still, this is a fair good deal if you like your photographs taken while travelling.

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Canon Vixia HF R800 Camcorder (Black) Review

Highlights Of the Canon Vixia HF R800

  • Regular minimum lighting
  • Dimension Of the screen: 3 in.
  • 3 Modes available
  • Battery, Power Cable and USB cable included

Vixia HF R800 Specs.

  • Camera dimensions: 4.6 x 2.1 x 2.3 in.
  • Weight: 8.5 oz.
  • Kind of battery: Lithium ion 


32x optical zoom and 57x advanced zoom offer exceptional capture range
1 / 4.85 “CMOS sensor and fast DIGIC DC 4 processor for high-quality rendering
Intelligent optical image stabilization
Good responsiveness of the touch screen
Several practical functions
16GB of internal flash memory
Good value for money


Battery a little big for the template of the device
Not too many physical buttons for manual settings

Canon camcorders are often the most sought after. For good reason, these are affordable products for all ages and offer good


Today, we decided to test a new digital camcorder on the market: the Canon VIXIA HF R800.Canon is known for offering products of very good quality. This was also the case of the Canon VIXIA HF R800 which had impressed us enough in terms of image Rendering. Let’s see what this digital camcorder is really promising!

Our opinion

For its selling price, we can say that the Canon VIXIA HF R800 does a great job. It includes flash memory, smartphone remote control, live streaming connectivity, good optical image stabilization, and a powerful 57x zoom. We recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a camcorder that is easy to use, lightweight and fits well.

Introducing The Canon VIXIA HF R800

Unlike the other Canon camcorder, the Canon VIXIA is more oriented for automatic use. Of course, there are basic manual functions but no physical buttons to adjust them. Because of this, it is really very compact and lightweight. For the control, the device is equipped with a 3 “LCD screen of 230,000 points. With this screen, you can focus, follow a moving subject, control the exposure in manual mode. Other settings are made using Canon’s intuitive menu.
In addition to the camcorder, Canon includes a 3-hour battery, AC adapter, Mini HDMI cable and USB interface cable. The camera is also compatible with the CT-V1 Panoramic Tripod.

It is a camcorder relatively simple so far but knows that he is the only one at this price to directly integrate an internal memory. Its 16GB internal flash memory can hold up to 6 hours of HD video.

VIXIA HF R800 Video Performance

This model is equipped with a ¼.85 “3.28MP Full HD CMOS image sensor and a 35mm lens. Canon’s highresolution CMOS HD sensor offers improved sensitivity. This way you get realistic Full HD movies with a natural color even in low light. But the sensor was not the only one to have been perfected. The Canon HD DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, too, has been revised to optimize the streaming video. For this, it evaluates the signals sent by the image sensor to determine which ones are sent by mistake and then cancels them to produce a more impressive video stream.

For a pocket camcorder, the zoom options of the Canon VIXIA are staggering. The 32x optical zoom, the 1140x digital zoom and above all the advanced 57x zoom allow you to capture your subject wherever you are without loss of quality. It is ideal for wildlife, sports or filming. Note that the advanced zoom is only available in manual mode. The focal length of the camcorder is 32.5mm to 1853mm, which is relatively flexible.

To stabilize images, we find Canon’s sophisticated SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer. It instantly corrects the camera’s movements, so even hand-held videos at long focal lengths are crisp and stable. In other words, the dynamic image stabilization system of this camcorder stabilizes motion by continuously adjusting the entire range of zoom – and thus on several axes. This allows smooth, distortion-free video even when you walk while shooting.

In the end, the Canon VIXIA HF R800 features a 2-channel Dolby Digital microphone. Several settings can be made to optimize the sound during the video. Unfortunately, the microphone does not have a zoom recording function, which can be a little bit constrictive depending on your shots.

Camcorder Settings Canon Video VIXIA HF R800

As a recent camcorder, the Canon VIXIA has rather up-to-date recording functions. It allows to record MP4:
1920×1080, 35 Mbit / s, 50p
1920×1080, 24 Mbit / s, 25p
1920×1080, 17 Mbit / s, 25p
1280 × 720, 4 Mbit / s, 25p

It will not have any trouble to suit you thanks to its various possibilities of high quality. Also, note that you can record both formats simultaneously with Dual Recording. In addition, you can easily transfer your videos from flash memory to the card. Among the practical functions of this camcorder, there is the function of assisting the framing when losing a subject in the zoom or the file lock function that prevents an accident.

There is also the Highlight Priority mode which is very useful in case of high exposure. This mode prevents the loss of detail in areas of high brightness. It also corrects the backlighting. The image is correctly exposed even when the background is bright. You can also play HDR quality video with this mode.

If you like to play with the speed of your videos, you will not be disappointed either. This camcorder offers the possibility to record ultra-fast movements (up to 1200x) or very slow videos 1 / 2x. For more original renderings, have fun with Cinema mode that has 8 creative filters or the baby mode that allows you to capture the most beautiful moments of your children or animals. To finish with the settings, let’s go to those of the sound. For optimal sound, the Audio Scene Select function has 5 sound adjustment modes. It’s up to you to choose the setting that best fits your environment. It would be a shame to have beautiful pictures but a sound that leaves something to be desired?

Connectivity of The Canon vixia hf r800 Camcorder (Black)

If you are looking for a connected device, that’s good because the Canon VIXIA is equipped with high connectivity. Connect to your iOS or Android mobile devices using the free Canon Window application to upload and share your videos and photos on social networks.

You can also record and view live video on your compatible Android or iOS device and even control your camcorder from a remote location.

Technical characteristics

Sensor: Full HD CMOS ¼.85 “
Video resolution: 3.28 mp
Maximum definition: Full HD
Maximum recording speed: 50p / 50i
Photo resolution: 2.07 mp
Optical Zoom: 37x
Advanced Zoom: 57x
Digital zoom: 1140x
Focal length: 2.8 – 89.6 mm
Opening: f1.8 – f4.5
Standard minimum lighting: 4 lux
Low light minimum illumination: 0.4 lux
Stabilizer: Optical Image Stabilizer, Intelligent Image Stabilizer
Screen size: 3 inches
Modes: 3 modes
Special effects: 8
Connectivity: AV out, mini HDMI, USB 2.0, mains
Accessories: USB cable, power cable, battery.

Canon Vixia HF R800 Video: How To Transfer A video To A PC

After starting your PC, check that you Vixia is not tuned on. Then using the USB cable that comes with the camera, connect both devices. Using an adapter connect the camera to a power outlet. Then start the Vixia and choose the playback mode from the menu.

When the LCD screen is opened the USB screen will appears, showing the PC/printer option that must be chosen to transfer the data using either the Corel Application Disc software or the Backup Utility CD-ROM to finish the process between the PC and the Canon Vixia HF R800.

Video-How to connect the canon Vixia HF R800 Black To An External Microphone

We strongly recommend that to avoid the recording of the sound emitted by the video camera when using it in a really quiet area, the use of an external microphone that will allow situating it at a reasonable distance from the machine.

Most of the microphones that have plugs o 3.5 mm can be connecting it, but of course of the sound it will depend on the quality of it. There are many microphones available on Amazon, and it is a good idea to research about which is the best value microphone for the Vixia Camcorder HF R800.

The WiFi Function On The Vixia Comcorder

These Comcorder’s function allows the users to control the machine remotely,  using a smartphone, no matter if is iOS or android, the use of the CS 100 connect station to save the user’s footages, or saving them on a different WiFi capable device.

To remotely control the camera it is necessary to install the Camera Access plus app to your mobile device, allowing using it instead of a remote control. With this feature is even possible to stream videos from the camera to your mobile machine.

The CS 100 connect facility is an optional feature that using NFC technology lets the users to save , share and play back their recordings using a WiFi connection.


Canon EOS Rebel T7i  800D Review


Where To Buy It


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  Value For The Money


Canon EOS Rebel T7i  800D Review

Specifications Of The EOS Rebel T7i

  • Focus: Automatic
  • Megapixels: 24.2
  • Screen size: 3 in.
  • Iso Range: 25600


Canon EOS T7i Features

  • NFC, and Built-in Wi
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Integrated

It has a user-friendly interface. The T7i is built for beginners and Canon certainly had them in mind with a new user interface that also serves as a guide on how to use the camera. The interface guides users on picking the right exposure modes and settings in order to capture an expected shot. More advanced users can also access a more traditional UI. It produces images with impressive quality. Although the T7i features the same 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor as its predecessor, improvements in other areas has made differences between models clear. Noise handling is much better in the T7i even when the ISO is set rather high. And despite some noise creeping through at really high rates, the image quality still remains good.

It does not support 4K video. A number of Canon’s rivals already support 4K video so it would have been nice for them to offer the same feature on an entry-level camera. It features a plastic body. While the camera build is really good, the plastic body makes it feel cheap

Opinion after use
The compact dimensions of the original EOS 100D made it a truly new standout camera among its competitors, but the somewhat more cumbersome dimensions of the EOS 200D make it look more like a slightly trimmed 800D than anything unique. So, what else makes the 200D an interesting product if it cannot boast of compact size like its predecessor? In fact, not so much.
The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system in Live View works perfectly, and the new, improved touchscreen pivoting screen makes it simpler and more convenient to use. It is also worth noting the new very convenient and intuitive user interface, which will be especially useful for beginners. I would like to see more AF points located in the viewfinder, but in terms of autofocus performance, the 200D is very good in most cases. Do I have any other complaints about the 200D?
The plastic finish and the lack of shooting in 4K are disappointing, but perhaps the main obstacle to buying, which the EOS 200D has, is its price relative to its competitors.

Canon T7i  (800D) Tutorial

We think that the best way to choose any equipment, and especially digital cameras, is to get the most information that is possible, and a great complement for a review is a complete video to make us understand the features that our desired product, in this case the T71. The following video is one of the best that we have found to accomplish this goal.


Canon EOS Rebel T7i Design

For customers to purchase a product from a family of cameras, the newer unit should definitely show enhancements over its predecessor. This is gladly the case with the Canon EOS Rebel T7i which comes with a better sensor and a new image processor.
However, some things are meant to stay the same as the camera still features the same 24.2MP resolution of the camera that came before it.

Along with the new sensor is a new DIGIC 7 image processor. An older DIGIC 7 is what powers Canon’sPowerShot G7 X II compact camera, but the model on the T7i is much different. The newer chip can handle more information than the DIGIC 6, which is what the T6i used, allowing it to handle ISO noise much better. Plus, autofocus performance is much improved with the new processor.
Rebel T7i, Canon EOS 800D, Canon DSLR. In terms of sensitivity, the supported ISO ranges from 100 to 25,600 – this is more than the T6i’s limit of 12,800. The ISO ceiling can also be extended to 51,200 by choosing it in the custom setting. Another feature that Canon keeps for the T7i is the 3.0-inch, vari-angle touchscreen display with 1,040,000 dot resolution. With fellow DSLR competitor Nikon offering a higher resolution and slightly bigger display, it’s a shame that Canon decided to stick with the past on this design aspect.
Then again, the camera giant may have thought that this area didn’t need that much improvement given it’s one of the best touch displays available.
One of the biggest disappointments from Canon for the T7i is not allowing it to support 4K video. The availability of 4K is becoming standard for a lot of Canon’s rivals but apparently, the company thought that making the camera support just Full HD would be fine.
To be fair, videos shot in Full HD with a camera brand as good as Canon will still turn out great but 4K support would have made the T7i geared for the future. Canon has equipped the T7i with 5-axis image stabilization to minimize or eliminate blue when videos are shot handheld. Yes, the system only works on video footage and not stills. The system will also work with
lenses that support IS.
Like the T6i, the T7i also supports WiFi and NFC connectivity but adds Bluetooth connectivity for a much
easier transfer of images from the camera to smart devices.
The Camera Connect app also lets smart devices control the camera remotely and browse photos.

The EOS Rebel T7i built in WiFi main goal, even though not the only one, is to connect a camera with a smartphone or a tablet that use an iOS or Android device through the Camera Connect app from Canon that is available to use free of charge (needs to be installed for the proper communication of the devices).These features allow that for example the camera can be remote controlled from a tablet, a smartphone or even from a PC, which only requires that the EOS Utility software from Canon be set up to be functional.

Even more, these awesome functionality make possible to the users of the EOS T7i to send images between cameras, which just need to have the WiFi feature enabled.

Social media websites and your email accounts can be accessed for the pictures to be uploaded and also if you have a compatible printer it is only necessary to enable the WiFi to print your images directly from your Camera.

To use all this features is only needed that all the devices are compatible each other.

What is the Canon EOS Rebel T7i’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF ?


If someone wants to capture regularly either images or videos in a way that are sharply focused , most of the experts will agree, that one of the best technologies to accomplish this goal is the Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS, which using the phase-detection concept compares several beam of light to define the level of sharpness, and also in which direction and the distance in which the cameras lenses have to be directed to get best possible focus.

The DPAF, as is usually abbreviated, is a technology that in order to perceive the focus make use of all the pixels located in the image sensor to achieve focus on motionless images and also video. No other technology at the moment presents these characteristics that allow to the image sensor to be covered to the 80 percent of its range.


Performance Shown By The REBEL T7i

One of the slowest DSLRs
Good battery life
Entry-level digital SLR cameras may not be famous for their continuous shooting speeds. But even in the current reality, 3 frames/sec makes the EOS 4000D one of the slowest cameras, as well as the EOS 2000D. While the 4000D has a smaller screen and a low-resolution sensor compared to the 2000D, and we expected this to mean lower power consumption. But the 4000D’s battery life is actually equivalent to 500 shots. There is nothing remarkable in this, but it is still no better than the existing mirrorless ones with the same price.



Canon EOS T7 i Manual Download

Final Thoughts
The Canon Rebel T7i comes with a better sensor and an improved image processor, features that allow the camera to produce impressive photos with good quality even when shot with high ISO settings. The user friendly interface greatly helps new DSLR shooters learn how to use the camera and begin taking great photos. Although the plastic body and the absence of 4K video are disappointing, the T7i comes with a range of features that make it ideal as the first camera of choice for a DSLR newbie.

The Canon Rebel T7i (Canon EOS 800D outside of the US) is the newest member of Canon’s famed entry level DSLR lineup. Although a fairly recent addition, the T7i comes with a number of features that can help it become one of the most-loved units from a lineup created for beginners. Following the two-year-old EOS Rebel T6i, this model features improvements over its predecessor.


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