Tripod Parts and Components Explained

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Tripod Parts

For anyone that like photography a tripod is a great help, no matter if they like to photograph landscapes, portraits, or any photographic genre.

The array and variety of them is awesome, and practically interested can find tripods that satisfy most of the needs of the interested persons. Designs and prices are so diverse that persons will have to take a considerable amount of time to notice what the characteristic of the individual items are.

To understand the different features of the tripod, this article is useful to have a look at its different parts, needed to complete a full camera kit. That was the source of the inspiration that resulted in the writing of this article. So let’s have a little deeper sight to which are the tripod parts that compound these items.

Tripod Heads

In some sense tripod heads are similar to other component of a camera, and for example different models show individual features that satisfy alternative needs. Also check out the best affordable camera for your tripod. Many people buy a tripod, and then understand that wants to modify or directly replace the head of it, either because they want to upgrade the existent one, or simply they don’t like a particular characteristic. For this reason it is advisable that the buyer consider the details that for her or him, are important when using a tripod.

Center Column

The way in that the center column is set up is, or allowing to slide to manage the tripod height, or fixed to the main structure of it.

Also there are center columns especially designed to mount the camera even lower of the level of the chassis to facilitate the execution of macro shots or ground level pictures. The way in that many columns are kept in a fixed position is by using a friction collar that is applied for the lapse of time necessary to shot the photo or the scene of the movie.


The crank is a part that some tripods come with, and their purpose is to manipulate a lever in order to raise and lower the center column of the tripod. These kinds of parts are normally used on heavier tripods because they need some support to handle the column due to their excessive weight.

Upper Legs

Tripods legs come with upper and lower portions. The upper side of the legs is added where the legs are able to pivot outward and inward, and normally come with options that allow choosing different pivot angles.

The upper part of the leg is locked at the upper extreme of it to the head of the tripod itself. These upper legs are present in every single leg of the tripod, and can be handle independently. Depending on the model of tripod this upper parts of the legs can be also handle simultaneously, given the users the option to decide the mode that they can use according to the situation.


The Tripod has joints that allow the handle to pan, rotate and tilt the camera, helping the user to manipulate the machine without jostling the camera. There are many kinds of tripod handles, and it is important looking for the right model for our preferences and camera.

Leg Lock

Tripod Foot

Private YouTube Channel Starter Kit Findings

Youtube starter kit

Why to buy a YouTube Starter kit

If you research the chance of buying these kind of kits, you are going to learn hat the value of these bundles normally is quite evident. You are going to find that the cost of the kits is much lower than buying each product individually, especially if you are thinking to start your own Youtube channel which requires a more complete set of accessories to begin the task. Regardless of this fact, we thought that would be useful to review some products that we think are affordable and good quality for new YouTubers.

Before Buying it

When you take a look to the variety of items in each type of accessories, without a doubt you will be overwhelmed by the amount of items available. Because this fact we thought that for people interested in buying the necessary products to start a YouTube channel would be useful to access a compilation of items that will fulfill their expectations about these kinds of kits.

 What Do You Need in your YouTube Starter Kit?

Next we put together a short list of the necessary items to begin with your YouTube project.

A good Camera for a YouTube Starter Kit

Canon Vixia HF R800 Camcorder (Black) Review

The VIXIA HF R80 camcorder is an affordable and lightweight camcorder that allows you to record up to 6 hours,  which is great for people that is starting to put together a nice YouTube starter kit.

Beyond that this camera provides the flexibility of an extensive optical zoom that is is very handy for people who like to record videos about travel or outdoors subjects.

The item also comes with the versatile slow and fast recording that gives you an easy way to expand your abilities when producing your videos.

Good Value Microphone

Rode Microphone

Made in Australia the Video Mic GO is light weight and compact. Beyond that, this item produces a directional, clear, and crisp audio with simplicity of use as one of its main features. Other of its our favorites characteristics is the ability to focus in the sounds that are relevant for the task at hand, filtering the undesirable noises of the surroundings.

The construction material is thermoplastic which is used to form a single piece of hardware that helps the long life of the unit.

The settings are designed in a way that facilitates its operation without distracting the user of the most important aspects of their videoing activity.

Diverse Lighting for a YouTube Starter Kit

Raleno Lightning

This piece of equipment is compounded by: Two E27 5500K 85W 110V CFL bulbs; two 20” x 28” softbox windows; 2 x 27” – 80” height-adjustable light stand; 1 x portable tote from Oxford cloth. The sellers also shows a free 365 days service counter and lifetime customer support, and normally reply in less than 24 hours.

Technologic features like the dual soft light, the embossed stone on the silver which helps to diffuse the bulb light and the high quality soft 5070 Nylon cloth for smooth light flow makes this unit especially worthy.

Talking about the output provided by its bulbs, this is alike 800W of a regular electric bulb, and make the item usable for the outstanding amount of 8000 hours.


AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod With Bag

This nice 50 inches tripod will help you to record professional grade pictures with the help of its adjustable height feature which makes easy to acquire great stability and achieve the desired angle for your perfect shot.

The great deal about the AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod is that can be use by amateurs or professional photographers equally, and also the ability to adapt to a huge amounts of camcorders, video and photo cameras.

The tripod’s three-way head allows top notch versatility and allows the easy change of the orientation of the camera to apply different approaches when shooting the recordings.

The unit also comes with a quick-release mounting plate to remove the machine from the tripod, avoiding the annoying slow transitions between shots and quick mobility.

SD card and Batteries for your YouTube Starter Kit Camera

SanDisk SD Card and Nikon Battery

The last couple of hardware that are indispensable in these sorts of bundles are the SD card and the battery which are some kind of obvious items to get, but we also think that a good choice could mark a difference in the result of the duration  of the videos that are intended to be shot. There is little doubt that Nikon and SanDisk are companies that give you confidence and variety of alternatives products to satisfy your needs.

Video editing software

There are several software editors in the market but our opinion is that the most convenient for YouTube channels starters kits are MOVAVi and VSDC. The firs is a prestigious firm that has been working on these types of programs for a while,  and the second is a great program for beginners,  especially thought for persons that are not yet familiarized with these softwares.

Next we have choose some kits that can be useful for people that are looking for these kinds of kits:

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF-S 18-55mm Image Stabilization II Lens, Sandisk 32GB SDHC Memory Cards, Accessory Bundle

This kit is a great example of the value that you get with these types of bundles. The items together are not expensive, if you consider the number of accessories that you acquire. With this kit you are going to get all what you need to start your YouTube adventure.

The camera that comes with it is reasonably light, and the quality of the photos is Canon standard, which means a lot.

Also for your peace of mind all the items that you see in the photos on Amazon are included in the package. The Vivitar lenses are of good level and the tripod, if well secured, achieves its goal.

All in all, if we consider the price of the package, it is a great unit to start in these kinds of disciplines. Generally the bundle is also good value for people that want to buy this camera, and is able to add a few bucks to get a nice amounts of add-ons.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS(Black)with 12x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi with Deluxe Starter Kit Including 32GB SDHC

For starters, let’s say that the highlight of this bundle is the compactness, which with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS as a main item and the tabletop tripod make possible to carry it with a very little hassle. YouTubers use to go all over the place and for them this YouTube starter kit is singularly useful. Besides the camera have an affordable price and a simple usage, without to be complicated to handle especially for starters in the YouTube channels world.

As usual in these types of packages, the biggest lure is the Camera, and in this case we think that for beginners this product represents really good value, considering that with a little investment you get a lot of extras.

Movo Smartphone Video Rig Kit V7 with Grip Rig, Stereo Microphone, LED Light and Wireless Remote – YouTube, TIK Tok, Vlogging Equipment for iPhone/Android Smartphone Video Kit

This smartphone Video Kit is a good alternative for people that that don’t really need a camera. Beyond to be quite cost effective, the equipment will help to instantly enhance their smartphone videos. The bundle is useful for persons that are starting a YouTube channel, creating a documentary or just recording their vacations.

The light weight and small size is great for people that travel around often, and the hard case that is included is specifically for them.

Also the set up is simple and fast, helping to avoid missing the perfect moment to capture the best shot.

The PR-1 smartphone rig add stability and versatile mounting options for the different accessories, and the LED light is a great help when you face low light conditions. The VXR50 Pro Stereo microphone with its stereo sound is also a highlight of the set.

YouTube Starter Kit Wrap Up

As we have seen the alternatives of these kinds of kits are numerous and can be found in many internet retailers. The price is greatly influenced by the quality of the camera, so the strategy that we advice is to choose a camera and then look for the kit in which is included and choose the best value package.

Landscaping Tips For Landscape Photography

It always feels awesome to be affiliated with landscape photography. The world is filled with so much beauty and natural landscapes waiting for the perfect cameraman to capture its glory and show it to the universe. There are lots of wonderful breathtaking places that will blow your mind away. If these places are captured by the right photographer, believe me, you will doubt if such a place exists on Earth.
Amazing places that you would want to spend your entire lifetime there. But in order to capture these spectacular events and landscapes of nature, you need to be one great photographer. You have to know the hacks to take a killer shot that will leave everyone’s jaws open. This guide covers some landscaping tips that will enable you to become that prominent cameraman with a huge audience.

Landscaping Tips -Use Of  a Tripod In Landscape Photography

It assists you best when you want to shoot quick shatter landscape shots. The tripod should be a steady one to give you the best shots. Ensure the tripod is very still when taking the shot to get a clear perfect image that is not blurred. The tripod will also be effective if it is not affected by weather such as strong winds.
Wide Angle Lens
These lenses are ideal for a prominent cameraman when taking landscape photography as they give a broader view. This gives the viewer a sense of quite a wide open space. The lenses will give an intense depth of field and also allow more light hence faster shutter speeds. This ensures the background and foreground is well captured and sharp.

Landscaping Tips -Applying Some Filters In Landscape Photography

A good image will not miss one or two filters. They make your products look more real and sharp. You could darken the sky with polarizing filters to display the blues in variance to the cloud’s white. Also, make use of neutral density filters to block too much light already from getting into the camera. Use it more on bright days, that moment when the camera does not give you a shutter speed that is slow.

Capture Movement Landscaping Tips

It is one of the awesome landscaping tips for being that looked upon landscape photographer. Curate spectacular white water effect. This will be achieved by selecting long exposure from your camera. You can accomplish this by using Shutter-Priority mode and select a 2 seconds exposure or longer. The Aperture-Priority mode is also helpful and selects a small aperture. For this short make sure you use a tripod to ensure the other part of your image is sharp.

Landscaping tips-Use the Water Mirror Technique

This is one of the landscaping tips applied by many photographers and produces the best shots. Water creates amazing reflections and effects in subdued light. The ideal time to take this shot is normally in the favorable two “golden hours”.
This is normally in the last hour just before sunset and during the first hour after sunrise. Just place your camera on a tripod and choose the mode dial to be Shutter-Priority or TV mode. Adjust the shutter speed to slow and give your camera time to select the correct aperture to take the shot.
Bottom Line
Use these amazing landscaping tips to become one of the best landscape photographers around. By keenly observing these magical tips your work will sell itself all over to a wide audience.

Beginner Photography Camera Tips

Which Camera Should I Buy For Beginner Photography?

First of all I would advise that before putting a lot of money in a beginner photography camera, start with a simple and cheap camera to learn what you want to do and also make a few videos. For example, you can make landscape videos or even family members then realize the characteristics of it and at the same time see if the camera is sufficiently versatile.
Obviously I have not tried all the cameras, but after researching a bit and with the advice I am going to give you, I think you can choose a good camera for beginners. You put the rest.
It is a mistake to think that one camera is better than another because it has more megapixels, but what exists is the most suitable for your needs and your own beginner channel.
You will see that the functionalities of each one will cover part of your demands, and it will be your business to find the one that best suits your taste.

Beginner Photography camera Tutorial

Cameras Features

These details are not essential in a camera for beginners, but they are important according to the way you make videos, since in your recording some aspects of shape or size are important to take into account.
Theoretically all video cameras, including a mobile phone camera, can be used to create a beginner video (information about what a video blog is, but we assume you already know if you are reading this article). However, there are certain characteristics that make some cameras more suitable than others, and although it is not created, it may be some that otherwise do not seem to offer the best performance or the best image quality. Therefore, it is good to investigate which are the best camera for blogs.
When you are an experienced vlogger, you will most likely have a good idea of ​​what features are important to you and which ones are not, but when you are just getting started, you should consider the specific requirements of the site. In the case of a travel blog, news, or dedicated to landscaping, all have different characteristics and requirements.
For example, audio quality is one thing that new vloggers normally don’t consider immediately, but sometimes this can be even more key than video quality. Possibly your readers can easily forget if you are filming in 4K, or 720p, but

Sound Of A Beginner Photography Camera

I assure you that something they will not forget are the annoying background noises that make them easily decentralized. Taking all these aspects into account, here we discuss some of the requirements of the cameras that you use to use in your blog.
If you want to take selfies, you only need to use the integrated camera of your mobile, but if you want to be one step higher and attract a wider and more demanding audience you will have to make a more effort and look for the best ones to do your job. For this it is necessary to obtain the camera that best suits the style of your blog. Then, try to understand which camera suits your style.
When you publish your experiences you need a camera small enough so that you can carry it at all times. For this reason it is impossible to always carry the typical large digital camera with all its variety of lenses, unless you have a team of helpers to follow you everywhere. However, you can buy a compact DSLR camera that can be the best  beginner photography camera.

10 Tricks To Take The Best Horse Photography

Like all arts, horse photography can take a little time and work to master. That is why we believe it is useful to share some tips that will help to take good photographs of these magnificent and noble animals. The technique is not difficult and with these ideas the taking of horse photographs can be significantly improved.

1.- Give Them Traits When Shooting The photos

With this, the horse will be more relaxed and curious about the goodies we give them when he is near us, which is optimal when you want to take photos that show their different expressions, and it is even possible that they even follow you when you start to walk away. Also like most domesticated animals, they like to receive their prize after their arduous modeling work.
The preference of horses for carrots is known, but you can also give them apples, oatmeal or even cookies. To find out about the food preferences of horses you can search the web.

2.- No Flash In Horse Photography

When you are near a horse, never use the flash, as it can scare him and thus spoil your photography session, and more, it can even be risky for you, the rider or the horse. Horses are fantastic animals, but they tend to get scared easily, so it is advisable to be careful with our attitude and with the actions we take when we are interacting with them. The more personality the horse shows, it is usually more sensitive to what happens in its environment.

3.- The Best Angle

When making rear or front shots, it is better to make them from an angle of about 45 degrees, and if possible taking a position that allows you to have the impression that the 4 legs are separated by the same distance, which makes the shot look Much more balanced.
When you take a picture try to make the camera level similar to that of the horse, or failing that slightly lower, although this requires you to lean. Try to avoid the shots in which you are at a higher level, because this makes the horse look with very short legs, which looks very ugly.

4.-  Body Lenguage In  Horse Photography

5.- The Right Moment

When you are photographing a jumping competition, when the horse jumps vertically the front legs of the horse must be observed, and shot at the moment the knees pass just above the obstacle.
If the horse is jumping on bushes, attention should also be paid to the front legs and the appropriate time to take the picture is when the horse’s knees are in the middle of the obstacle.
It is always better to take the photo when the horse is climbing in the jump instead of taking it when it is falling.

6.- Right Settings For Horse Photography

The best combination for horse photography is using a high shutter speed and a low ISO, especially when taking outdoor photographs.
When you are photographing indoors, it is very likely that you will have to sacrifice the low ISO to maintain the necessary shutter speed. The appropriate shutter speed for action photographs is 1/500 seconds, using an aperture of about 2.8.
On a bright and sunny day, a good combination of values could be an ISO of 100 with f / 4.5 aperture and a shutter speed of 1/840.

7.- Be Patient

When you take pictures of horses you have to star in a relaxed mood, since dealing with them is quite similar to dealing with children, that is, patience has a preponderant role.
We must try not to get angry when the shot becomes difficult, since if the horse feels angry or with bad disposition, the result will be even worse. As we said in a previous paragraph, it is essential that the horse is well disposed for the photography sessions to be successful

8.- Video- How to shoot Horse Photography

9.- Latency And Velocity

In general, digital cameras have a certain amount of shooting latency. This means that between the moment we press the shutter button and the moment the photo is taken, a small interval of time passes. Therefore, it is essential to know the camera well, and if possible, do some tests beforehand to be sure of the latency that the camera which is being used exhibits.

In equestrian events the most interesting photos are made in motion. This means that the proper speed has to be used to freeze the movement.
The speed to be occupied depends on the photographer’s preferences, but as a reference we would say that the speed would have to be around 1/500.
Luminous lenses are needed so that the photographs do not come out dark. To compensate for the exposure time of the sensor, the diaphragm must be opened further, and if this is not enough, the ISO sensitivity can be increased.

10.-  Using An Optical Zoom

A zoom help you to improve even more your versatility when making horse photography, that’s why we cannot emphasis enough the convenience of using this great device when taking photos. Here is a great video tutorial about how to get the best from a Zoom.

Final Thoughts About Horse Photography

To make good photographs of horses, it is also advisable to use a tripod, which avoids trepidation and gives total freedom in horizontal movement which will allow us to follow our horse movements without problems. A simple and efficient solution so that the photos are as good as possible.
It is also necessary to emphasize that because you can not use flash, you need  to reduce the exposure time as much as you can so that the photos are not blurred, and when this is done, the diaphragm must be opened more, which will mean loss depth of field.