Choosing A Quality Camera Backpack With The Best Features

Best Camera Packpack Brevite The Jumper
The Jumper in Pine Green

Having a good camera backpack is almost as important as choosing a good quality camera that will serve you well. When you’re interested in photography, you want to travel to more places to get all different settings captured. To do this safely for your camera gear, having the ideal camera backpack is important for carrying your camera with you safely. Below, we recommend some amazing backpacks by Brevite, and the qualities you should look for in a camera backpack.

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1. Brevite The Jumper
2. Brevite The Runner

Camera Backpack Benefits

It’s safer and more practical to place your camera inside a camera specific backpack. Instead of putting it in your everyday backpack, where it can get lost or even damaged, among the other things you might carry. A good quality camera backpack can also offer a place for any other parts of your camera. For example, memory cards, camera body, camera lens, tripod, etc.

This advantage becomes more comfortable to carry and provides less stress that something will happen to your expensive camera if it’s stored properly. 

The way these best backpacks are designed is with having shoulder straps to help in dispersing the weight of the camera. The main purpose of these backpacks is keeping your camera safe and unharmed during all situations. If you suddenly trip or fall while hiking and travelling, anything can happen, hence why it is a good investment to choose a good quality camera backpack.

What A Good Quality Camera Backpack Features Are:

It Is Made With The Purpose Of Keeping Your Photography Equipment Safe

Camera specific backpacks are made with keeping your equipment safe, while also being comfortable and efficient. A good backpack with have separators for your camera, lenses and other equipment, and space to add other things. Such as a computer or random items like clothing or food. Choose a size bag that will work with what you would need on a typical day with your camera.

Vlogging Camera

Provides Comfort While Carrying Heavy Weight Items

Watch out for uncomfortable backpacks that don’t disperse the weight of the items you’re carrying. If you buy a bag that’s cheaply made, you will find it will be painful to keep on your back for long periods of time. Causing you to not want to use it. The camera bags we recommend look after your back with weight distribution and support.

Flexible Dividers

Usually, an ordinary camera backpack isn’t designed to provide flexible dividers. You can find one that has big enough compartments, if you need bigger lenses to fit. However, if you choose a backpack with flexible dividers, you can make it suit your camera equipment needs on any given day.

Small, High Quality Zippers

These days travel backpacks need to be made with precautions against stealing and theft. We all know how often backpacks can be unzipped while someone is walking and is being distracted. Small zippers are harder to open if you are traveling, which is why they make the bag secured. Our recommended backpacks below take this into consideration, and have hidden pockets to secure all of your belongings. They also don’t look like they are camera backpacks, rather, just ordinary backpacks. Hiding the fact that very expensive camera gear is inside the bag.

Camera Packpack Brevite The Runner
The Runner in Triple Black

Water Resistant

Water resistant material is crucial for an outdoors use backpack. Very often a backpack will be used in all situations, and you want to make sure your camera gear is secure in these situations. Having a resistant material will protect the gear from light rains and wind, and adding a completely waterproof cover will make it completely water safe. Making a camera bag travel safe, you can take any opportunity to go out and take your camera with you, without worrying that it might end up damaged.

Phone Pocket

A hidden pocket for your phone, keys and passport is another great bonus of a good quality backpack.

Seperate Laptop Pocket

This easily solves the problem of making space for your laptop to fit, which is harder to do in an ordinary backpack. It also protects your computer better from damage.

Choosing The Best Camera Backpack For Your Needs

To get started, it’s best to have some sort of an idea about what you’re looking for. Considering all of the above great quality features, we have the perfect recommendations to fit your needs. As a beginner or an expert photographer, the below Brevite camera bags will be perfect for any situation.

The Jumper and The Runner

Brevite have two amazing backpacks suited for camera equipment. Both backpacks feature all of the following. These light weighted backpacks are filled with top quality features. It has space for both your camera and personal items, with removable dividers to suit any camera layout (or turn it into an ordinary backpack). It’s water resistant and has a quick access door on the side to grab your camera on the go.

It is customizable to your needs, and has many pockets for other things. Such as a phone pocket, a separate laptop pocket with a coated zipper for extra safety and a front pocket for little items. Some other features include a luggage pass-through, a spot under the backpack to hold a tripod, a top compartment divider and a secret pocket inside.

Best Camera Packpack Brevite The Runner
The Runner in Poppy Red

And if you happen to care about the aesthetic of your backpack, which who wouldn’t, the good news is you can choose the color too. These backpacks have the looks, and you can choose which color you like most from a variety of colors. The reviews on these backpacks couldn’t be more positive. People tend to like it because it’s stylish, and is built with quality and usage in mind.

The main difference between the camera backpacks is the top of the bag. The Jumper has a zip at the top to close the bag, and holds a little more storage. The Runner is a little more compact, and closes with a clip instead.

Features of the Brevite Camera Backpacks

Camera Packpack Brevite The Jumper
The Jumper in Moonlit Blue

Some of the features of these backpacks include:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free domestic shipping and returns
  • Many pockets and places to accomodate lots of different items, such as:
    • 16 inch Macbook laptop pocket
    • Full Frame DSLR + 3 Lenses
    • 70-200mm lens or drone
    • Extra clothes
    • Passport
    • Tripod
    • 1 x Water bottles
    • SD Cards
  • External Waterproof Rain Cover available

Overall, the reviews on these backpacks speak highly of these backpacks, and have been mentioned to be rated a 10 out of 10.

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Deciding to buy a good quality camera backpack can be so important to any photographer. Imagine having an expensive phone without a phone case to protect it and even make it look more unique and personal. Camera’s can be super heavy, so it’s really important to feel comfortable, instead of having to bear the pain of your back hurting.

Photography is a way of art, so make sure you choose both a backpack that will serve you and will also fit your style as well. Brevite’s The Runner and The Jumper are great for travelling, exploring, and are water resistant with an option to make them waterproof, which is a big bonus. Therefore, this investment will serve you well. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much this camera backpack is needed!