Everything You Need To Know About Getting A 4K Camera

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If you are looking for a cheap 4k camera, then you are taking your videography and photography to the next level. This is one of the ultimate resolutions that you can have. 4K videos are becoming popular among vloggers and professional video makers, as this is an essential for professional videos.

canon vlog cam

What is a 4K camera?

The term 4K literally means 4,000, which is the number of vertical pixels that it has. The HD standard video will have 720 vertical pixels wherein the fully HD 1080X1920i has 1920 vertical pixels. The 4k has almost double the number of pixels that the fully High Definition has.

The more number of pixels in the videos would mean more detailed images. The great thing is that you cannot see things in 4K in real life because your eyes don’t allow you to see things in this resolution. But through the camera, you can see more detailed view of things. 4K has been around for decades, but only in the movie industry. It has become more easily available and affordable in general as a important video format.

Advantages of 4k videos:

There are many advantages to shooting video in 4K and here are those advantages:

  • Higher Image Quality. The first advantage is that it will capture three-dimensional videos. You can see the videos form all angels without having two wear a 3D glass or goggles.
  • Stabilized video footages. When you are shooting videos on the move, you are likely to make the videos look shaky and unstable. But when you shoot on 4K, this particular format allows you to fix the shots because it offers you extra pixels. You can adjust while cropping the frames to make videos more stable, which means there will be less impact on the quality of the final video output. 
  • Smart editing options. The best thing is that it allows you to add zooming and panning in any frame without having to lose the quality of the images and videos. You can do this with any cheap 4k camera.

How to buy a cheap 4k camera:

You should make sure that you get the best quality camera for 4k. There are many cameras out there that you can find to fit your needs. Whether you’re a vlogger or you are someone who loves to capture beautiful moments in your life. You can have the best cheap 4k camera for you. Here are a few recommendations of cheap 4k cameras that you can buy.

Our recommendations for 4K cameras:

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

This professional 4K Action Camera has the following: 4K/30FPS, 1080P/60FPS 2.7K/30fps and 16 MP resolutions. These will allow you to capture anything at a good resolution, and it has a good zoom range as it ranges from 1.0X to 4.0X. This cheap 4k camera also comes with a wireless wrist remote control.

This Wi-Fi action camera also comes with 3inch screens. Meaning you can share and save on the XVD App or on phones. You can preview the videos with the help of the 2 screens that comes with this camera. This camera can also be submerged underwater up to 100 feet, making it a great choice for divers or swimmers. However, you must buy a waterproof case to protect it from water damage.

This highly versatile camera has a lot of great, smart features. Some of these features include a driving mode, slow motion shots, time lapse and more. Therefore, this cheap 4k camera will give you great resolution videos and smart features alike for all kinds of shooting needs.

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CEDITA 4K Digital Camera 48MP: 

This cheap 4k camera comes with 4k/30fps and 48Mp that offers smoother video quality. It also provides great image quality with a 16x zoom. The camera comes with one 52mm wide angle lens, which also allows you to shoot panoramic videos.

It also comes with a macro lenses, allowing you to shoot close-up images too. This might include photographing or videoing flowers, insects and other small subjects close up, for detailed photography.

It also comes with HDMOI and webcam mode. Which means you can connect it to computers and TVs with a USB cord. It also would allow you to use this camera for live streaming video used as a web cam. This is a perfect, cheap 4k camera that allows more flexibility. Featuring 5 continuous video shooting options, you can shoot videos as you would like them, according to your theme and the movement of subjects.

Along with this, the camera also comes with a 3 inch flip screen that would allow you to see the video while shooting. It also can handle shooting in low light with a good resolution. In short, this is a great, cheap 4k camera for vloggers.

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If you have been looking for a cheap 4k camera, then one of these two cameras will fit for your videography needs.