Why Invest In A Compact And Flip Screen Camera For Vlogging 

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Do you want to create high quality videos for your audience, using the best vlogging camera with flip screen? Flip cameras are perfect for vlogging because it allows you to see yourself while recording. The screen is flexible and it can be flipped opened to many different angles to record. This makes vlogging convenient especially while talking to the camera.  

The standard of vlogs or videos on Tik Tok or YouTube has significantly improved, and hence mediocre videos do not get many views. A lot of people start the recording or vlogging with average phones, but the quality is diminished or quickly becomes dated. Switching to an affordable vlogging camera improves the quality of the video.  

Benefits of Using a Camera for Vlogging Over iPhone  

Video cameras have a larger and greater impact with a wide range of settings, helping with a detailed quality. It gives flexibility for shooting in different angles and has far more better and adjustable settings. A lot of people argue that it is the content and not the camera that matters too.  

However, as much as content is important, the quality of the video is equally important for building a sizeable number of consumers. With time, an upgrade in the quality of the video is crucial for creating great quality content for both YouTube and Tik Tok. Some of the best vlogging camera with a flip screen are available at affordable rate.  

  • Some cameras come with a detachable lens option. This mean a versatile range of zoom and videos can be taken using the camera. When not required, the lens and the body of the camera can be separated, and this reduces the weight. 
  • The composition and quality of the video automatically upgrades with a range of settings. The composition of the picture can be customized using suitable settings for exposure, focal length, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. 
  • The best vlogging camera with flip screen like Canon G7 X Mark II or Canon M50 are affordable with image stabilization option. It does not necessarily require a gimbal or expensive tools for stabilizing the video quality when held sturdy.
  • The DSLR can be easily connected with an external microphone. This helps in enhancing the overall sound quality and even reduces the wind sound. It can be connected to the microphone and wind-screen to cancel windy noise.
  • The flip screen cameras offers wide range of flexibility as the screen can be opened while vlogging. Hence, one is able to look at oneself while shooting and can make the whole video more aesthetic.  

The best vlogging camera with flip screen?  

There are many options when it comes to purchasing a flip screen camera for vlogging. However, as a beginner it is always recommended to invest in an affordable, easy to use and light weight camera to get the hang of it. Gradually, one can level up with time and purchase more expensive gears.  

Based on many factors, the Canon G7 X Mark II is considered as one of the best vlogging camera with flip screen. The camera is compact, light weight, and mostly designed with vlogging in mind. This is one of the most sought after camera’s for vlogging and shooting videos.  

The camera is loaded with amazing features which makes it a popular choice amongst content creators and vloggers. It is an ideal camera in low light shooting and has a stylish, ergonomically designed body with a flip screen. It gives a well composed video quality which is easy to edit.  

Vlogging Kit, TikTok Vlogging

Features of Canon G7 X Mark II that makes it best  

The Canon G7 X Mark II is undoubtedly considered the best vlogging camera with a flip screen for its incredible features. Many vloggers recommended this camera if you are new to the world of vlogging. It offers higher quality and better videos compared to a phone. The videos are easy to edit and give a brighter look.  

  • It is an advance point and shoot camera which has inbuilt stabilization. This powerful camera mostly comes as bundle with a tabletop tripod and lithium battery pack and hence is a great video content creator kit. 
  • It has 20.1 MP 1” CMOS sensor along with a DIGIC 7 image processor. This helps in creating low noise and dynamic range videos with full HD 1080p videos. It is compatible with the MP4 format. The process helps with focusing speed and accuracy of tracking. 
  • It is integrated with a 4.2 optical zoom lens. The camera has inbuilt low light shooting compatibility. The intelligent IS image stabilization system helps with tracking movement and provide powerful stabilization. 
  • It has a sleek body and compact in nature with tilting LCD touchscreen to shoot at multiple angles. It helps with instant transfer through inbuilt Wi-Fi and hence best vlogging camera with flip screen.  

When it comes to purchasing a dedicated camera for vlogging, it must be handy and easy to use while travelling and shooting. The best vlogging camera with flip screen must be compact, light-weight, and have range of shooting options to make it a great camera for a beginner vlogger to learn on!