Top Reasons Why Video Bloggers Prefer Using Flip-Screen Camera 

Outside camera, flip screen camera
Vlogging Microphone, flip screen camera

Vloggers or Video bloggers need to have a quality flip screen camera, as it’s an important tool for them. By having a flip screen, the photographer can point the camera to get the tricky angles without putting their back or body in a particularly painful position to capture the perfect image. Some benefits include: 

  • Flip screens help capture an image for the photographer regardless of the side of the lens 
  • It makes vlogging session more fun-filled and entertaining 
  • They can select the best angle to capture an image while viewing it 

There are many reasons why video bloggers may always prefer using flip screen cameras for their photography sessions, read on to see all the benefits on why we recommended purchasing a camera with a flip screen

Get the right light coverage 

Flip screens are considered an essential camera accessory. You may have the perfect position lined up but are unable to click that best shot without the external screen. By having this accessible feature, you will be able to get the best lighting for the shot. Lighting can’t move in most natural places, so having the camera able to do all the work for you will capture the perfect light.  

Vloggers need that perfect light coverage to take the best shot. Flip screens help them view the photograph the moment they click from anywhere near the camera. It helps simplify composing the shot. The flip screen camera is easy to take a shot from any possible angle. 

Best selfies 

Who doesn’t want to make sure their selfie in their video is perfect! When making video blogs, most of the time you will want to record yourself talking to the camera, maybe to introduce the video or talk about a topic. Having this screen accessibility will allow you to make sure the image is in focus, the settings are all correct, that it’s recording and more.  

You can trust a good quality flip screen camera for that perfect selfie. You will be able to view the frame the moment you click record. It helps you select the right shot for your video blog. 

Easy to shoot in a confined space  

For any video blogging session, confined space images can be eye-catching, but hard to capture. These types of images are captured by professional photographers using professional equipment, but you can too. Flip screen camera will offer vloggers this convenience. 

Even in most confined space, you get a chance to plan and take that clear shot. As you can view both sides of the screen on the same frame, so you can make adjustments to your shots. This is one of the features that prove helpful for vloggers and professional photographers. You can adjust the camera in any position and then decide to take your shot. 

What to review for a perfect flip screen camera 

When searching online sites and physical stores, you may come across different types of camera and accessories. Top flip screens may come in many different product ranges and price ranges. You will have the opportunity of choice when it comes to finding the right camera for you and your vlogging.  

So what are the features to look at when finding what DSLR camera is best for you? 

Advanced features 

Top mid-range flip screen cameras will always come with advanced features. You can integrate these features when taking your photos. For example, only some will have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to take images without having to touch the actual camera.  

Best image quality 

The reason you are investing in a camera is that you expect high quality images. This is one area where flip screens might only be included in the better-quality cameras. You can search for one that is not very expensive and is a DSLR. Typically though, if you buy a camera with an external lens you will be able to purchase a lens that takes a good quality image. 

Speed clicking 

The next most important feature of a good camera is that it should offer high-speed clicking. If you plan to use the camera not just for videos but for photography, you will want to be able to take quick images in some situations. This will result in lots of range when taking photos, that will help enhance your vloging or blogging.  

Top-quality DSLR mid-range camera click speed ranges around 10 FPS (frames per second) so there is no frame lagging part here. This is usually a high quality megapixel too. 

High storage 

For bloggers, storage will always be considered a beneficial factor. When looking to buy a camera, make sure to find one that has an external SD Card reader, to be able to store images safely and as many or little in quantity as you would like.  

Outside camera, flip screen camera

Advanced software features 

Software in a camera these days is very important and can be updated remotely through your computer in more recent times. Finding a camera that has this ability might be able to make sure the camera you invest in lasts more long term.  

So when looking for a quality camera with a flip screen, be sure to check out our guide above or look at what cameras we recommend! We are sure you will find the best flip screen camera suited for your needs.