The Best Macro Lens For Canon Cameras That We Recommend

Best Macro Lens For Canon Camera

Whether you are looking for the best macro lens for canon or trying to find out more about macro lenses, you’ve come to the right place. These lenses are a great piece of tool all photographers should include in their tool kit. However, you should know what a macro lens is and how it works, so that you can get the right one for you.

Macro Photography

What Are Macro Lenses And How Are They Used?

A macro lens is great for taking close-up images of small objects to form a close up image with high detail. At times, people can also use a macro lens for portrait photography too.

Essentially, you can get quality close up images easily without any technical difficulties that telephoto lenses pose.

The Features And How It Works:

The best macro lens for canon will make sure that the images you shoot you get are life-size, quality images. For instance, if you look at a photo of a flower, then you would know that the flower is not the actual flower size. Which means anything you print on a large canvas is larger than the life size object.

However, when you use macro lenses in cameras, they produce life-size and smaller than life-size photographs. If you have seen at an image of an insect in a field, then you know how a small insect comes out so vividly on a big canvas. It is in fact, the work of the macro lenses.

  • The key features to look for in macro lenses is the ratio. Which means if you get a 1:1 ratios, then you are going to get a life size image of the object. If you choose 1:2, then you will get half of the life-size. And a 2:1 ratio will give you a double size of life-size.
  • The second feature is that these lenses are flat focused unlike the telephoto ones that are curved filed focused. This flat focused feature gives you the capability to get edge to edge focus. Whereas curved field focus will get you the focus in the centre only.
  • The third feature is the focal length of the macro lenses. If you are getting a longer focal length, then you will have more working distance. Which means you can avoid shadows. That does not mean that close focal lengths are bad in any way however. Both the focal length features have their own advantages and disadvantages.

How to pick the best macro lens for canon:

When you are looking for a macro lenses, you should know what you are looking for. A smaller focal length macro lenses will be lightweight, less expensive and easy to operate. Where a larger focal length lenses will be a bit more costly and possibly bigger.

That means if you are only a casual close-up photographer, then you might like to use a smaller focal length lenses rather than the larger ones. This will be less expensive and easy to carry. But which is the best macro lens for canon? There are many but here is a quick recommendation for your from our opinion.

Canon RF 35mm Macro Lens

This Canon macro lens is a lens that comes with a 35 mm focal length and an F stop of f/1.8. The focal length will make the objects look smaller. This lens is quite ideal for photographing landscapes, people, flowers, streets, insects and smaller subjects alike.

When you are buying the best macro lens for your canon camera, you can expect a wide-angle, which could be up to 54.4 degrees. This lens will give you more depth of field, which you can use creatively for your needs. It might not have the smallest aperture but it is still considered a great lens aperture.

The great thing is that this lens is capable of eliminating the background completely, depending upon your composition. This means the lens can create the best blur in the background or foreground, depending where your subject is situated in the photo. This best macro lens for canon is also a good choice for low light photography.

Why we recommend this lens:

The first thing is that the best macro lens for canon has some really good features. These include image stabilization and a high quality of the images. You will get better image stabilization features and good clarity out of this lens.

A great attribute is that it is a small lens, which means you can carry it anywhere without any hassle in your bag. This is also a less expensive lens that can get you smart output that you have been looking for.

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If you have been looking for the best macro lens for canon, then this is the one that you should be going for and we are sure that you are going to love this lens for its performance.